Family Nurture Intervention – Preschool

Mothers with preschool-aged children talk about their experiences with Family Nurture Intervention.

Children increasingly have emotional, behavioral and developmental difficulties. These problems are often identified between the ages of two and five. When children enter preschool, disruptive behavior makes learning difficult and creates social problems. Effective, scalable interventions must be developed and rigorously tested to meet this growing challenge.

Based on the Nurture Science Program’s research findings, Family Nurture Intervention in the NICU has been adapted to help preschool-aged children and their parents establish and maintain emotional connection to overcome emotional, behavioral and developmental problems.

Today, children and their parents often spend more time apart than together. Parents go to work while children go to daycare and preschool. They need to learn how to reconnect after each day apart. Otherwise, these separations can lead to emotional disconnect, which in turn contributes to parental distress and children’s disruptive behavior, emotional outbursts, and even developmental difficulties. When children and parents are emotionally connected they are both calm, and the children are ready to learn and relate to other people.