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Nurture Science Program

Our Mission

The Nurture Science Program’s mission is to develop, test, and promote nurture-based therapies, rooted in rigorous scientific research on emotional connection and co-regulation, to help families everywhere use the healing power of nurture to address and prevent emotional, behavioral, and developmental difficulties.

Martha G. Welch, MD, Promoted to Professor of Psychiatry in Pediatrics and Pathology & Cell Biology at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Dr. Welch is a researcher, neuroscientist, and professor, and has been a thought leader and pioneer in the treatment and understanding of emotional, behavioral, and developmental health throughout her clinical and academic career.

Connecting in Times of Crisis: Smell

Smells that evoke emotional connection can calm us deeply, even therapeutically, especially during stressful separation. During this prolonged period of social distancing, we can find creative ways to use smell to connect.