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Nurture Science Program

Our Mission

The Nurture Science Program’s mission is to develop, test, and promote nurture-based therapies, rooted in rigorous scientific research on emotional connection and co-regulation, to help families everywhere use the healing power of nurture to address and prevent emotional, behavioral, and developmental difficulties.

Connecting in Times of Crisis: Crying

Crying is an important part of the physiology of feelings. It’s how babies communicate their needs: to be fed, cleaned, or comforted (by touch, smell, milk, or voice). But even as we grow up and develop language, crying remains a powerful and valid form of expression.

Connecting in Times of Crisis: Connecting Through Upset

Feeling upset is not a sign of weakness, it’s a powerful signal that we need to connect to each other. Only through connection – mutually expressing our deep feelings – will we find tangible, visceral relief.