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An EEG net can record brain activity while a baby is sleeping and show how brain development differs between preterm infants who received Family Nurture Intervention in the NICU and those who did not.

Brain Circuit Signals Flag Preterm Babies’ Risk for Autism: Spectrum News

October 20, 2015

Martha G. Welch, MD explains how the Nurture Science Program is working to support brain development in preterm infants using Family Nurture intervention in the NICU.

Premature babies require intensive care that can disrupt the emotional connection between mothers and their infants. Family Nurture Intervention in the NICU is designed to help families overcome those barriers to connection.

Nurturing Families: Williams College

June 1, 2015

On any given day in associate professor of psychology Amie Hane’s Early Experience and Physiology lab, students are gathered around a TV monitor, reviewing video of mothers and tiny infants.

Martha G. Welch, MD is Director of the Columbia Nurture Science Program.

Martha G. Welch, MD Honored

November 14, 2014

Martha G. Welch, MD, a graduate of the class of 1971 at the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons was named a 2014 Alumni Gold Medalist in recognition of her “service to the alumni association and for excellence in clinical and medical research.”